Chef Alan Davis: Photo by Catherine AbeggAlan Davis (his story) …

I was an I-5 kid. Portland to Seattle then back again, that was the route. The Pacific Northwest is what I know, and what I love. I grew up in Oregon, but landed in Seattle for good in ’86.The food and music of our town was and remains a constant source of inspiration. These two worlds still go hand in hand for me, and it has been a joy to watch them grow and evolve. They share a distinct brand of generosity, vitality and are thankfully still kind of weird (in that great PNW way).

I feel grateful to be a part of it all, and equally grateful to share it with others. The opportunity to host the Honor Bar and the many unique special events we are a part of, rests squarely on my wife Jodi, me and the wonderful restaurant family that has stuck with us…and of course, you.

“yes you, even you who hasn’t visited us yet. Get on a boat and come over!”